Another set of archives:

CORE 2008 was organised by DPS Dwarka on 10th December 2008. It was  held for the first time. I enjoyed this fest as it was organised very well by the CORE Team (Except the Last round in the quiz and the distribution of refreshments!). Also, I had a double victory here – Finished 2nd in both the Quiz and the Crossword 🙂 Here are the archives, which includes:

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1. Quiz Prelims – Some interesting questions including “Whats 6×9=?”. This time I got it correct 🙂 Figure out the Answers yourself :-), as I have not added them.

2. Quiz Finals

3. Crossword

PDF Version

Our score was 15, tied with MSM. But they won because they had got more starred clues correctly….


4. Creative Event Details

PDF Version

Creative Event Details

Enjoy 🙂

All credits are due to the CORE team.

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