This is Chirag Jain’s experience of the Columban Open Quiz 2008. Let me tell all of you that Chirag is a Class XI Student of St Columba’s School. His team reached till the Semis of the COQ this year, like us. He is a contributor on the blog –

I must say that his blog is a must-read for all economics and business freaks out there…Some great posts!

Here, in a guest post he shares his experience.

Lets begin from the starting.
I forgot to put my eye-drops in the morning, and after a little scolding and delaying, the maid got the eye-drops to the ‘back gate’. All thanks to Dad for putting the eye-drops in the morning on time. And all was well for some time.
The bus was surprising early, and Jaipreet wasn’t to be seen. My COQ team ‘The Bench Warmers’ consisted of Jaipreet , Tirthak , Soumitro and of course, Chirag Jain. So it became natural that I was so worried the whole timing during the bus journey and 1st period of school. In the first period I became very tensed – searching for Jaipreet in his class 11 C, and then I did see him…..coming late…..and i was relieved.
Classes were very very boring during the day…and finally the time for the Quiz came. We entered and I saw the multitude of teams we had to beat to go in the quarter-finals – must be atleast 60-70 I held my breath, drank water and proceeded to the team table (D-44, 4 was a very lucky number for Tirthak and consequently, for the team)
And then, came the question paper consisting of 35 questions. And the time?? 15 minutes. Yes, 15 minutes!!! for such a long question paper. We skipped questions, discussed, fought, brainstormed, scribbled, thought and finally, guessed during those 15 minutes. Audio-Visual 5 questions – we knew only 1, and that was disappointing…
We got 7-8 questions right, and were joint 4th in the standings!!!!
Oh! How we celebrated. We proceeded towards the stage and took our places in the quarter-finals. The quiz was an infinite bounce – i’ll explain that sometime else. We managed 3 questions right and ‘smoothly’ sailed into the semis.
Then we had to wait for 3-4 hours before the semi-finals. We watched the others play out their semi-finals and saw ex-dipsites ishaan chugh and tejas suri too.
Dad made a cameo around 3:30 pm to meet us and wish us all the best. After spending 15 not-so-exclusive(joking! ) minutes with me, he left for office.
Semi-Finals were unlucky and tough for us. In the end, we came a distant 5th with 20 points and four teams got marks in the range of 40-45.