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I have been sitting at home for almost 7 Months now, leaving exams in between, and places I have been to….Like Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Agra etc. So I suppose am waiting for the school session to start – Thats on 24th June. I have not taken admission (or rather, I did not get thru) the Delhi “Public” Schools – RK Puram and Vasant Kunj. So I have taken admission (re-admission rather) in my old school, thats New Era Public School, Mayapuri. My chosen stream for +2 is Commerce with Maths – which includes 5 Subjects namely, Maths, English, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy. It may come as a shocker to many that I have not opted for Science but that is because my interest, aptitude are elsewhere – In something like Finance, Marketing or Management. So I have shunned the Engineering way to an MBA degree. There are I suppose lots of options and opportunities here also. So lets see how it goes. So Life will be quite different now I suppose. Also eagerly waiting for the Quizzing Season to start in July – I suppose the first quiz wud be the COQ (The Columban Open Quiz) , the constant on the Delhi School Quizzing circuit for over 20 Years now, as the St Columba’s website tells me.

On the sporting front, after the IPL Tamasha, it was good to see some One-day cricket, in the Kitply Tri-Series. The Windies-Oz test match series is also going on, for the Frank Worrell Trophy – And It feels good to see some pure test cricket…..But the most exciting has been Euro 2008 till now……Holland have been brilliant……..Germany, Italy and France (The Big 3 who are always favourites) lackluster, and I hope there are some more good matches to follow in the tournament. France VS Italy 2morrow promises to be a cracker. Its the low profile teams like Croatia, Turkey and Russia which have caught my attention more and have shown some good football.

I have received my Free CD of Open Solaris. So hope to try it out soon….. Am now eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 3G in India. I have also helped Mozilla in helping set a Guinness World Record – For Most Software Downloads in 24 Hours. You can also Pledge here:

Dont Forget – Download Day is 2morrow.

Some Interesting Links

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Quiz 9

Questions for Quiz 9 can be downloaded from here. Answers can be sent to –


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The Best and Worst of the IPL

An excellent post by Amit Varma – Link Connect Via NDTV and India Uncut.

Hope u enjoy this article…..My views quite similar to his!

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