Some sports questions. Try them out. I was recently preparing for a Sports Quiz, and made some questions. The Quiz is quite easy.

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1. Who is the only Asian footballer ever to be named amongst the 10 Best Captains of the World, by the English FA in 1953?

2. Connect – Sergio Garcia, Fernando Torres and Hanley Ramirez.

3. What is the minimum age for competing in the Olympic Games?

4. What is the claim to fame of Arjun Bajpayee from Noida? (Obviously, with respect to sports)

5. What was first proposed by the Reverend Astley Cooper in 1891 and in 1928, Melville Marks Robinson of Canada was asked to organise it?

6. Which country did Canada beat in the Third Place Playoff Match in the 2010 Kabaddi World Cup?

7. How do we better know the footballer Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri? (Clue – Think 2010 FIFA World Cup)

8. Started by British football enthusiasts at Bombay in 1891, 1st Worcester Regiment was the winner in the inaugural year. Which football tournament?

9. Which sport was initially conceived by Ned Haig and David Sanderson, who were butchers from Melrose, Scotland as a fund-raising event for their local club, Melrose RFC, in 1883?

10. Which legendary Indian sportsperson won the National Championship in Clay Pigeon Trap and Skeet for 17 years in a row?