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Therez a lot to blog abt…..But First Things First.

I am officially Class X Pass now, unless ofcourse CBSE decides not to give me my marksheet/certificate of passing. The Results came out yesterday at 8:00 AM and I am pretty happy with them though I cud definitely have done better. Overall Aggregate Percentage stands at 89.4% (Just 3 marks short of 90!).

Breakup – Maths (96), SST (95), Science (87), English (86), Hindi (83). Quite a lot of unexpected marks there……Expected more in English, Less in Hindi. Anyways, its done with and over now. The overall results of my school and class have been phenomenal. Highest being a staggering 96.6 percent and some of my friends scoring between 93 and 95. Quite Liberal checking this time, I wud say. Lots of 100s in Maths, though i missed out on that 2. TOI tells me 7 students scored 100 in English all over India…..Now thats something….Phew! Anyways, I applied to DPS RKP in the evening (Online Registration for admission), just for fun though – I am in now ways interested to join it. I wud apply to DPS VK definitely and some other schools too. But as for now, the IPL enters is Knock-out stages….So lemme enjoy the cricket….

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The Questions for Quiz 8 can be downloaded here.


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Whats Happening….

Whats Happening in my Life…..

1. Travel: I have been travelling quite a lot. First I went to Haridwar and Rishikhesh. Then to Kota to attend a family function. And then last weekend to Agra! (Initial plan was to go to some hill station but due to my brother’s office work we had to tweak our plans). Though I have been to Agra before, I saw the Taj, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri in detail. Covered 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2 days. The Mughals were crazy abt architecture….And the Taj Mahal in the morning at 6 AM with the Sun facing looks great! Will upload some pics soon. Hope to go to some hill station soon.

2. Ubuntu Linux Rocks! Yes I have been enchanted by Ubuntu Linux. I downloaded the 700 MB OS for free and then with help from Ankur, installed it on both my PC and the laptop. Its much better than Windows, in many areas. Its much faster, less cluttered-up, better aesthetics and quite easy to use 2. The whole Ubuntu Community is there to help u, if u have any issues. Moreover, its Open Source. Also, thousands of free softwares also available for free. I have faced quite a few problems too, switching from Windows (though i have got dual booting) like mounting of drives, running Gtalk-Voice and other applications, but I am new to Linux and am sure I will learn more of it as time progresses.

You can download the latest version i.e. 8.04 Hardy Heron from –

To learn more about Ubuntu read here:

3. IPL – 36 matches into the IPL, and its been quite a hit. The Kolkata Knightriders are on a roll at the moment, thanks to some Pakistanis and superb fielding efforts. Ganguly has really captained well and SRK has motivated them in Chak De! Style. We have seen a Gilly Special, a Sanath Special (he was in devastating form in yesterday’s match – Vintage Jayasuriya), a Dada Special also. Eveything has happened in this tournament – Last ball matches, centuries, controversies, a hat-trick, and what not! I wud say, the coverage by SET Max has not been the best. Sometimes (very rare 😉 There is no feed. They are hell-bent on taking going for ad breaks. The anchors dont know enough abt cricket and there has been some poor commentary. The Eden Gardens has dished out some great matches. At this point I wud say, its tough to tell who the 4 teams in the semis wud be – My bet wud be on Rajasthan, Punjab, Kolkata and Mumbai. Sachin’s comeback is a great boost to the Indians. Deccan and Bangalore are virtually out of the tournament, and poor Dravid and Charu Sharma are being blamed by Mr Mallya. He shud not go public cribbing like this abt this team selection and management. Lets see what Mr. Brijesh Patel can do for the Challengers…….My brother still cant stop supporting the Daredevils and its a pity they are on a loosing spree! 😉 I feel that in the end bowlers shall win u the matches, except when there r blinder knocks by some batsmen. A Purple Cap has been introduced for the leading wicket-taker now, due to requests. So bowlers will now have something to fight for!

4. Quizzing – SportsQuiz Group completes 3 years tomorrow. It feels great. I have been busy preparing quizzes and answering them too. To take part in the anniversary quizzes (which I wud say are quite well-researched) head to –

The MahaQuizzer is on this Sunday and if I dont go anywhere, I may go for it. U can too, by registering beforehand. Details at:

The venue for Delhi is 2LT-2, IIT Delhi. And co-ordinator is Mr. Ashwan Lewis (9818528426)

There is also a Bollywood Quiz on 24th May, details of which can be found here –

4. Television/Advertisements – I saw Paanchvi Paas, and its been a flop……SRK has hosted it well….but after some days it has become boring…The questions for higher amounts of money are hardcore-quiz questions sometimes (Who invented the Mercury Barometer?) If u thought those kids were too bright and were child prodigies (They r in the acting sense, quite confident too), think again – They have been given study material by Star to prepare for the show and thats why they r able to answer most questions correctly. Its great to see the Vodafone Pug back in action……The Jingle “Happy to Help” is great and its not a song by some band or group, its a song by the ad agency itself. I downloaded the mp3 of the song. There is no other advertisement, which has really caught my eye recently.

5. Some interesting websites:

1. Chronicles of Plagiarism in Indian Film Music: (Do see Pritam’s page!)

2. A Better View of Indian Cinema – A great website on Indian Cinema.

3. Official Website of the Pakistani Movie (My brother saw this movie recently, and liked it very much. Do have a look. I want to see this movie and will try my best to watch it. Its got an awesome Sountrack and great songs.)

Waiting for the CBSE Class X Results now.

Thats all for know!