Code Wars 2008 Quiz Prelims – Held at DPS Vasant Kunj

Tech Quiz

By Ankur Banerjee

Date: 21 November 2008

1. * Decrypt this: “Bpqa qa vwb epib gwc bpqvs qb qa”

Ans: “This is not what you think it is”. The encryption system used here is ROT-8, not ROT-13.

2. What is the NASDAQ stock ticker symbol for Sun Microsystems?


3. Of which US-based media organization is Microsoft the part owner of?


4. Who is the creator of eBay?

Ans: Pierre Omidayar

5. * One of the many nicknames that this person has is ‘Monkey Boy’. Who
is he / she?

Ans: Steve Ballmer

6. Digit magazine is owned by which company?

Ans: Nine Dot Nine Mediaworx

7. Connect: Dodgeball, Urchin, Jaiku, GrandCentral

Ans: All of these companies were acquired by Google. (Urchin was renamed as Google Analytics)

8. Name the web-based content management system software that is used
to run Wikipedia and many other similar wikis.

Ans: MediaWiki

9. For which operating system was Microsoft Office first released?

Ans: Mac OS

10. * Which company makes the processor for the Apple iPhone?

Ans: Samsung

11. * What is the name of Microsoft’s diagram and flowcharting software?

Ans: Visio

12. Name the GUI used on the OLPC XO laptop.

Ans: Sugar

13. Jelsoft Enterprises makes a product which is highly popular with web
developers. What is that product?

Ans: vBulletin (forum software)

14. * What was Yahoo! Widgets earlier known as?

Ans: Konfabulator

15. Glutamate Grape, Sugar-Free Radical, Beta Carroty, and Sero-Tonic
Water are different varieties of what?

Ans: Google Gulp flavors

16. Identify the person.




Ans: Sakina Arsiwala, International Manager of YouTube

17. Name Mozilla Labs’ new instant messaging project.

Ans: Snowl

18. What do you get when you multiply six by nine?

Ans: 42 (Forty-Two)

The sad part was we missed qualifying for the finals of this Quiz because we did not write 42 as the answer to the 18th question 😦 and then lost out to DPS Dwarka in the tie-breaker. Also made another big blunder, wrote Mac OS X instead of Mac OS for the 9th question and paid a heavy price. But Ankur did a great job for the finals (which was real tough!) and I enjoyed the quiz as audience.

Signing off,