Here are the Prelims Questions from the Cradle Sports Quiz (Both School and Open), held on January 16, 2009 at Sirifort Auditorium.

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Cradle Sports Inter-School Quiz Prelims

Quizmaster: Parnab Mukherjee

Held on 16th January 2009

Venue: Sirifort Auditorium

School Quiz Prelims

1. Who played the lead in Christopher Nolan’s brilliant noir thriller Memento – which served as an inspiration for the Tamil and Hindi Ghajini?

2. His foray in the field of animation is eagerly awaited. A legend of Indian cinema, his real name is Shivaji Rao Gaekwad. Who?

3. Which personality has been recently declared as FIFA Women’s Player of the Year?

4. Which recent Bollywood release features Akshay Kumar, Dimple Kapadia, Gulshan Grover, Rajpal Yadav and Lara Dutta?

5. Which Hollywood star is popularly called “Muscles from Brussels”?

6. According to Mahabharata who is the mother of Pandu?

7. Ljublana is the capital city of which nation?

8. If a person is said to have ‘Arachnophobia’, then what fear he is suffering from?

9. The relocated Tata Nano Plant has a central plant near Ahmedabad and an auxiliary plant in which state and which particular place?

10. Who is the current Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh?

11. In which town in India did Sant Kabir pass away?

12. Which floating island-lake in north-east is a home for the Sangai species?

13. Where in the world would you be in if you are shopping in Thamel?

14. What connects Joey Zawinul, Chile and Amitav Ghosh essay in the book “Dancing in Cambodia”?

15. He stays in Hyderabad, won the world championship and national championship within the last month. Who is he?

16. In which city did Bahadur Shah Zafar breathed his last?

17. Which well-known director’s animation debut is Hanuman Returns?

18. Which international retired sports celebrity manages Rafael Nadal’s career on behalf of IMG?

19. Proton Accelerator is also known as what in the field of science?

20. Peter Kenyon is the Managing Director of which international company?

21. Potti Sriramulu’s fast unto death and his passing away resulted in the creation of which state in India?

22. Who is considered as the religious head of the Ismaili sect of  Islam?

23. Robert Polet, the Chief Executive of which international giant remarked in a Fortune Asia interview: “We are not in the business of selling handbags. We are in the business of selling dreams”?

24. Which political party was formed by B.R. Ambedkar?

25. Who is the current president of Palestine?

26. Which legendary cricketer was recently removed as the COO of the Bangalore Royal Challengers team?

27. Fiesty forward of West Ham, he began a foundation for the disadvantaged children at Freetown in Sierra Leone. Can you name the EPL star?

Open Quiz Prelims

1. What connects the Amitabh Bachchan film Aalap, Satyajit Ray’s Goopy Gayen Bagha Bayen and the great dance innovator Chandralekha?

2. In 1650, a pathway was created by Jahanara Begum connecting the Lahore Gate of a well-known monument with the Fatehpuri mosque. How is it known to us now?

3. In 1947, KM Munshi was appointed to a post in Hyderabad by the state of India. What was this post?

4. Which Scandinavian God’s name explains the origin of the nomenclature of nuclear reactor fuel?

5. Once known as a Mahapadma, it is India’s largest fresh water lake. Can you name the lake?

6. Youngest Son: Bilas Khan. Daughter’s Name: Saraswati. Son-in-law: Mishri Singh. His initial surname: Mishra. Can you name the Indian legend?

7. An architect of an early success in the field of Indian sports. His incomplete full name is Chandrakant Gulabrao. How do we know him better?

8. One of Sachin Tendulkar’s significant world records includes a century in Johannesburg in 1992 that replaced a long-standing record of a cricketing legend. I want to know the nickname of the legend whose record was broken?

9. If a tendon connects the muscle to a bone, then what connects a bone to a muscle?

10. Who is the current Chief Minister of Meghalaya?

11. Which Indian city is called “Venice of the East”?

12. Dense, Super-dense, Hyper-dense crush load are three classifications of what in India?

13. Where in the world would you be in if you are shopping at the Ima market?

14. If you translate the name – it would be called Fruit of India. The name in Arabic is how we know it as. What is the name I am referring to?

15. He stays in Hyderabad, won the world championship and national championship within the last month. Who is he?

16. Which former India opener is the Director of Operations of the Chennai Super Kings?

17. Brahmaputra different trajectories take independent names as it flows along. Two of the names are Tsang Po and Siong. Name the other two.

18. If CNN-IBN is “Whatever It Takes”, then which international brand would be “All it takes”?

19. India’s first mobile telephone call was made to Sukh Ram – the then Telecom minister on August 23, 1995. Who made the call?

20. In 1988, the Goa Postal division opened a landmark post office whose name begins with the word Dakshin. Where was the post office and what was it called?

21. Potti Sriramulu’s fast unto death and his passing away resulted in the creation of which state in India?

22. In the field of psychology, a recent trend has been to de-mystify the medical advances of the illness called BPD. How do we know BPD better as?

23. With which 1985 Dev Anand film did Tabu make her debut in Bollywood?

24. The Central Police Forces or CPFS comprises of the following companies: Central Industrial Security Force, National Security Guard, Indo-Tibetan Border Police, Central Reserve Police Force, Assam Rifles and SSB. What does SSB stand for?

25. Khalid Hosseini’s latest book A Thousand Splendid Suns takes its title from the lines of a 17th century Persian legend who wrote: “One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs, /Or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls.” Can you name the poet?

26. His real name is Paul David Hewson. He was briefly christened as The Mother Teresa of Abandoned Songs. How do we know him better?

27. Directed by Govind Nihalani, this Hindi film features animation and stars Kitu Gidwani, Joy Sengupta, Aly Khan and is based on a play by Manjula Padmanbhan. Can you name the film?

Please note that – Some of the questions were current affairs when the quiz was held!

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