Techeez Quiz Prelims

Venue: Jaspal Kaur Public School

By Manmeet Singh and Pulkit Arora

Date: 5 November 2008

1.    Name the major company that rejected a takeover bid by Microsoft recently.
Ans: Yahoo

2.    Name the latest two graphic cards launched by NVIDIA.
Ans: GTX 260 and GTX 280

3.    (*)The Intel India team in Bangalore recently designed a 6 core processor to be used in servers. What was this processor named?
Ans: Dunnington

4.    Which operating system is the successor to Windows Vista, to be launched in 2009?
Ans: Windows 7

5.    What resolution is referred to as “Full HD”?
Ans: 1920×1080

6.    (*)HP is the owner of which Gaming PC manufacturer?
Ans: Voodoo

7.    World’s most photorealistic game.
(Hint: This game is so heavy on resources, it makes computers CRY)
Ans: Crysis

8.    Which company uses the tagline “Yours is here”?
Ans: Dell

9.    (*)What is the codename of Windows Mobile 7?
Ans: Photon

10.    All present graphic cards use which port on the motherboard?
(Hint – Successor to AGP)
Ans: PCI Express

11.    Which free internet radio service is promoted by Winamp?
Ans: Shoutcast

12.    Which program is called the “Poor Man’s Photoshop”?

(Hint – Think Cabinets!)
Ans: Coolermaster

14.    Our friend Doug showed off his invention in 1968, in the Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco. It’s a pivotal part of computers these days. Name the invention.
Ans: Computer Mouse

15.    Who’s called “Father of Visual Basic”?
Ans: Alan Cooper

16.    Who created JavaScript?
Ans: Brendan Eich

17.    Write Full forms of:

  • RIM – Research In Motion
  • ARPANET – Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
  • NASSCOM – National Association of Software and Services Companies
  • CAPTCHA – Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart
  • PERL – Practical Extraction and Report Language

18.    How many Gigabytes are there in a Terabyte?
Ans: 1000

19.    Sun Microsystems and Intel have their headquarters at a common location. Name this place.
Ans: Santa Clara

20.    Name the CEOs of the following companies:

  • Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg
  • Oracle – Larry Ellison
  • Apple – Steve Jobs
  • Intel – Paul S Otellini

21.    What is one unit of mouse movement called?
(Hint: A unit of mouse movement is 1/200th of an inch.)
Ans: Mickey

22.    (*)Which is the successor to the current Leopard version of Mac OSX?
Ans: Snow Leopard

23.    Name a desi internet search engine.

24.    Identify this logo.


Ans: Java

25.    Name the thinnest notebook in the world.
Ans: MacBook Air

Thanks to Pulkit for this paper. It was an easy prelims set, mostly on basic current affairs stuff. We qualified for the finals and came 2nd.