Econorm 2008

Inquizition Prelims – Business/Economics Quiz

Held at DPS, RK Puram

Date: 10 November 2008

By Econox Club

Multiple-Choice Questions

Q1. The first school of economics in the modern world was led by Francois Quesnay, the writer of La Tableau Economique. How was this group of economists better known?
(a) The Laissez-Faire School (c) The French School
(b) The Physiocrats (d) The French Liberals

Q2. Ragnar Frisch was the first winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics. For his study in which field did he win the Nobel Prize?
(a) Microeconomic Models (c) Welfare Economics
(b) Global Currency (d) International Trade

Q3. The UBS is a financial institution belonging to which country?
(a) Sweden (c) Singapore
(b) Switzerland (d) Thailand (Siam)

Q4. India’s nuclear tests in the 1970s led to the formation of the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group. Which organization was formed due to the oil crisis of the 1970s?
(a) G8/G7 (c) WTO
(b) IMF (d) OPEC

Q5. Which car company manufactured the ‘Beetle’, the Peoples’ car, on orders by Adolf Hitler?
(a) Audi (c) Daimler (of Daimler-Chrysler)
(b) BMW (d) Volkswagen

Q6. The Titanic was the largest ship of its time. Which is currently the largest commercial passenger ship in the world?
(a) Queen Elizabeth (c) Queen Mary
(b) King James (d) King George

Q7. Which building houses the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)?
(a) Firoze Jeejabhoy Towers (c) Naoroji House
(b) Mahindra House (d) J.D. Dalal Complex

Q8. WIPRO, one of India’s largest IT companies is also an FMCG player. With what business did WIPRO begin?
(a) Soaps and detergents (c) Vegetable Oils
(b) Fruit Juices (d) Hotels and Restaurants

Q9. The winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for Economics teaches at which famous university?
(a) Harvard University (c)London School of Economics
(b) Columbia University (d) University of Pennsylvania

Q10. Karl Marx was expelled from Germany for his communist viewpoint. In which country did Karl Marx find shelter and write his Das Capital?
(a) United States of America (c) France
(b) Sweden (d) England

Q11. The rupee is the currency of India and Pakistan among several other South Asian countries. Of which country is the Rupiah the currency?
(a) Maldives (c) Indonesia
(b) Malaysia (d) East Timor

Q12. The world’s largest company, Exxon-Mobil was formed by the merger of Exxon Corp. and Mobil Corp., both petrochem majors. Their common ancestor, The Standard Oil Company, was owned by the richest man of all times. Identify him.
(a) John D Rockfeller (c) William Douglas
(b) William Disraeli (d) John Stuart Mill

Q13. Who was the person with highest visibility, in terms of minutes, in television advertisements, as confirmed by a recent report?
(a) Shah Rukh Khan (c) Amitabh Bachhan
(b) Kareena Kapoor (d) Saif Ali Khan

Q14. With regard to Hollywood, which is the highest grossing film of all times (adjusted for inflation)?
(a) Gone with the Wind (c) Jurassic Park I
(b) The Godfather I (d) Ben Hur

Q15. With regard to which car did Henry Ford say “People can buy any colour as they wish to, as long as it is black” ?
(a) Ford Mustang Mach III (c) Ford Ikon
(b) Ford Indigo (d) Ford Model – T

Q16. Which of the following was not a part of the four pillars of Wall Street?
(a) Lehmann Brothers (c) Bank of America
(b) Morgan Stanley (d) Merrill Lynch

Q17. The first stocks in the world were issued for which company?
(a) The British East India Co. (c) The Dutch East India Co.
(b) The French East India Co. (d) The Portuguese East India Co.

Q18. Which is the only car to have briefly replaced a Maruti Suzuki car as the largest selling car in India ever since the Maruti 800 was introduced?
(a) Hyundai Santro (c) Tata Indica
(b) Daewoo Matiz (d) Chevrolet Spark

Q19. Who presented the first Budget of Independent India?
(a) Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru (c) Morarji Desai
(b) Shanmughan Chetty (d) Sardar Vallabhai Patel

Q20. To overcome the Great Depression, Franklin Delano Roosevelt introduced which policy?
(a) Fair Deal (c) New Deal
(b) Best Deal (d) Money Deal

Q21. In 1988, Ajjay B. joined his family business, the Amritsar Transport Corporation. Alongside ATC, his family ran another business, which was doing abysmally. Ajjay’s father gave him Rs.40 lakhs to turnaround the business, which he managed to do in two year’s time. To expand his business, he formed a JV with an Australian company. What was the name of the JV (give the full name)?

Q22. What connects the following CEOs – Time Taft of Pizza Inn, Eric Schmidt of Google and Steve Jobs of Apple?

Q23. An Indian product, whose, SI prefix meaning 109, a term coined by physist Richard Feynman. Name it.

Q24. Name of which business legend name means, “prosperous rice field” in the local language?

Q25. Who is the world’s first Chief Happiness Officer?

Q26. Ashok Todi, father-in-law of the hapless Rizwanur Rehman, owns this brand worth Rs.200 crore. Interestingly, Bengalis had voluntarily chosen to shun the product after Rizwanur’s death. Name the brand.

Q27. Which country’s central bank has misspelt the word “bank” on its new notes as “bankh”?

Q28. Who said this – “the five most dangerous words in business may be – everyone else is doing it”?

Q29. By what name is “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” now know?

Q30. X ($ infinite, 1600 plus yrs), Richie Rich ( $ 24.7 billion 12 yrs), Oliver Warbucks (10 billion, 57 yrs), Scrooge McDuck ($ 8.2 billion, 67 yrs), Thurston Howell III (8 billion, 45 yrs) are the five richest fictional characters of all time. Identify X.

Q31. Who is the lady who left her property of 5000 crore to her C.A?

Q32. There are many companies which love to hate Microsoft. The principal enemies of Microsoft are commonly referred to as NOISE (netscape, oracle, IBM, Sun Microsystems and E). What does E stand for?

Q33. What is the name of Walt Disney’s first animation film for the Indian market?

Q34. Name the first Indian woman to graduate from Harvard and the company headed by her.

Q35. What does “R” in Maruti Suzuki’s small car Wagon R stand for?

Q36. Which industrial house has pledged to maintain the Taj Mahal?

Q37. Who is the lifelong chairman of the institute on rural management, Anand?

Q38. Which famous economist who has produced pioneering studies on gender inequality, has always taken care to write “her” rather than “him” while referring to an abstract person?

Q39. Which was the first Indian company to ring the NASDAQ opening bell from India by a remote control?

Q40. What do you mean by ‘banglored’?


Ans1. (b) The Physiocrats
Ans2. (a) Microeconomic Models
Ans3. (b) Switzerland
Ans4. (a) G8
Ans5. (d) Volkswagen
Ans6. (c) Queen Mary
Ans7. (a) Firoze Jeejabhoy Towers
Ans8. (c) Vegetable Oils
Ans9. (b) Columbia University
Ans10. (d) England
Ans11. (c) Indonesia
Ans12. (a) John D Rockfeller
Ans13. (d) Saif Ali Khan
Ans14. (a) Gone With the Wind
Ans15. (d) Ford Model – T
Ans16. (c) Bank of America
Ans17. (c) The Dutch East India Co.
Ans18. (a) Hyundai Santro
Ans19. (b) Shanmughan Chetty
Ans20. (c) New DealAns21. Priya Village Roadshow (PVR)
Ans22. Annual salaries of $1
Ans23. Nano
Ans24. Akio Morita
Ans25. Ronald McDonald
Ans26. Lux Cozi
Ans27. Kazakhastan
Ans28. Warren Buffet
Ans29. Yahoo
Ans30. Santa Claus
Ans31. Priyamvada Birla
Ans32. Everyone Else
Ans33. Roadside Romeo
Ans34. Naina Lal Kidwai of HSBC
Ans35. Recreation
Ans36. The Tatas
Ans37. Verghese Kurein
Ans38. Amartya Sen
Ans39. Infosys
Ans40. When a person loses his job when his job is outsourced

Scores of Top 6 teams – Only the top 4 Qualified!

19 – New Era Public School, Mayapuri
18 – DPS, Vasant Kunj
17 – St. Columba’s School
10.5 – DPS, NOIDA
10.5 – DPS, R K Puram
10 – Modern School, Barakhamba Road

This was the Business/Economics Quiz held at DPS, RK Puram – We won this Quiz, and performed really well, topping both the prelims and finals. This was a great quiz, really lived up to my expectations – There are not many Biz Quizzes in school fests, but this one was organised really well. You can read more abt Econorm 2008 here (By Subhashish Bhadra, the quizmaster) Kudos to the Econox Club for this one! Would definitely come back next year and I hope schools organise more such quizzes and events.

Signing off,