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Posting Questions from the LBR 2008 Quiz Prelims, New Delhi – Conducted by Derek O’ Brien and Associates – Held at DPS, RK Puram – on 22nd December 2008 (Full story later)

Please note: This is recreated from memory/notes. I have tried to stick to the crux of the questions) Hope you enjoy this compilation.

1. If Dilshad Gardens is the 1st Station on Line 1 of the Delhi Metro, then which is the last station?
Ans: Rithala

2. Which Bharat Ratna awardee is often known as Madiba, an honorary title adopted by elders of his clan?
Ans: Nelson Mandela

3. Which sport called “Mintonette” was created by William G Morgan, a YMCA physical education director, in 1895, in Holyoke, Massachusetts (USA), as a pastime to be played, preferably indoors and by any number of players? The game took some of its characteristics from tennis and handball.
Ans: Volleyball

4. Eristalis gatesi thompson is a flowerfly named after which famous American?
Ans: Bill Gates

5. Which dish is described in the Oxford English Dictionary as “An Indian dish consisting of meat in onion sauce”?
Ans: Dopiaza

6. Which big cat, unable to roar or growl, makes a unique, bird-like “chirrup” sound when it is excited?
Ans: Cheetah

7. The Nagarjuna Sagar Dam – the world’s tallest masonry dam (at a height of 124 metres) is built across which river?
Ans: Krishna River

8. Who is the first cricketer to have taken a hat-trick in a T-20 International?
Ans: Bret Lee

9. Which allotrope of Oxygen is resposible for the distinctive smell after a thunderstorm, most often as a result of lightning?
Ans: Ozone

10. The Thar Desert is spread across four Indian states – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana and _________. Fill in the Blanks.
Ans: Punjab

11. Which Mughal emperor’s mother was Hamida Banu and stepmother Haji Begum?
Ans: Akbar

12. Which precious gemstone takes its name from the Greek for “green gemstone”?
Ans: Emerald

13. Which current Constitutional Authority has the distinction of not having lost a single elction till date?
Ans: The President of India, Pratibha Patil

14. Which sweet biscuit derives its name from the Dutch word “koekje” or (informal) “koekie” which means – little cake?
Ans: Cookie

15. LE Waterman is credited with the invention of the first practical version of which writing instrument?
Ans: Pen (Fountain Pen)

16. According to the Mahabharata, who was raised by Hiranyadhanus, the leader (King) of the Nishadhas (foresters)?
Ans: Eklavya

17. Which ancient Greek epic has come to be described as a term for a great adventure or quest?
Ans: Odyssey (By Homer)

18. The First Nobel Prize in Physics, awarded in 1901 was given for the invention of which medical technique, used even today?
Ans: X-Ray (By William Roentgen) – Called Roentgen Rays

19. The Chief Engineer of this bulidng was Hugh Keeling. There were many Indian contractors who were involved in the construction of this building – Haroun-al-Rashid, Sujan Singh and his son Sobha Singh built most of the work of the main building. Who was the main architect?
Ans: Edwin Lutyens (The buliding is the Rashtrapati Bhavan)

20. The planet Uranus has a system of rings. True or False?
Ans: True

21. In which part of the body would you have a Root Canal treatment?
Ans: Teeth

22. The “sushira vadya” is the Indian classification of which type of musical instruments? Wind, Percussion or String?
Ans: Wind

23. What is the most widely used material for packaging worldwide? Jute, Wood, Carboard, or Polythene?
Ans: Cardboard

24. This widely used computer symbol is named after a small freshwater snail with no tentacles in Korea? (There was some more info on this)
Ans: The @ Sign used in E-Mail Addresses

25. Which famous seafaring comic character has an expandable chest? (In this, the chest sizes were also given)
Ans: Popeye the Sailorman

26. Visual – Banyan Tree


27. Visual – Pandit Bhimsen Joshi


28. Visual – Pankaj Advani (Same visual used)


29. Audio Clip – Identify the Voice. Barack Obama

30. Audio Clip – Voice of which Indian actress? Madhuri Dixit

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P.S We topped the Prelims in the Delhi Round with a score of 21 🙂 Cut-off was 18.