6th August 2008

Times of India – NIE Samsung Olympics Quest – Sirifort Auditorium

The next quiz of the season, was the Samsung Olympics Quest 2008 – Held on 6th August in Delhi. I came to know about this quiz from Agrim, who told me about it at the Columban Open. Then in school, I got the letter from ma’am. The Quiz was solely on the Olympics (Yay!!!!!!!) and was being conducted by Times of India-NIE and Samsung. It was to be telecasted on CNN-IBN and had some amazing prizes from Samsung. Rohit, Sahil and I prepared hard for this quiz – I had experience and had a genuine interest in the Olympics, I had read a lot on Olympic history for the ESPN School Quiz in classes 6 and 7. We were pretty much excited about the quiz. It was to be conducted by Channel V Veejay-turned actor Gaurav Kapoor. I saw the advertisement for this quiz loads of times on CNN-IBN, being advertised as India’s first ever National-level Olympic Quiz with almost 1000 schools participating. The regional rounds of this Quiz were held in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. The Delhi round would be followed by the Nationals (Winners of all the 4 cities taking on each other). Charu Ma’am took all of us in her Swift and thank god we did not go by auto – It was raining like cats and dogs! And there was traffic all over the city….We reached the venue – Sirifort Auditorium on time. There were cheering teams, banners and ofcourse advertisements by Samsung, They showed us a the ad so many times that I had learned the tune by heart….They also showed us a brief history of Samsung’s association with the Olympics since 1988. The Prelims had 20 qns, and the first four questions were visuals. I will upload the Prelims questions soon – I have them in a file. The Prelims were of moderate level – But you can never be sure of qualifying with so many teams around….The results were announced in some time and we managed to qualify. Our score was around 15 in the Prelims. The Delhi Finals had 6 teams and the winners would go on to the National Finals. There were 6 Rounds in the Quiz – and the last one was a buzzer round. They had cryptic clues, videos, direct dries, and the Quiz was quite interesting. We managed to win the Delhi Round quite easily, with St Francis De Sales also putting up quite a good show, finished a close 2nd. For winning the Delhi Round, we won our school a 32-inch LCD TV from Samsung and got individual LCD Monitors, as well as Gold Medals and certificates. This Quiz was organized very well and everything was on time and done quite professionally. You can read more about the Quiz here –

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The National Finals had only 4 Rounds, and the level was a bit higher – It was a low-scoring affair. We did not score any points in the first round and all the other 3 teams did. While, in the second round, none of the teams scored apart from us. The third round, on Videos – Had quite tough questions, and nothing was clear in the positions. All the 4 teams could win in the last Round (Called the “Last Sprint”) on the Buzzer. It had 3 teams on the same score before the last question was asked – Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. The last question of this round – Babe Didrikson won 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. She won the Gold in the 100 Meters and 110 Meter Hurdles. In which event did she win the silver?

Nobody pressed the buzzer till 15 seconds. Then as it was the last question and nobody pressed the buzzer, Gaurav asked the same question yet again – This time I don’t know what made me press the buzzer after a lot of thinking – I knew quite surely that the answer was either the Long Jump or the High Jump. Making an inference that most sprinters take part in the long jump only (High Jump is a specialist event normally), I decided to take a gamble (There was a negative of 5) and pressed the buzzer. Everybody thought that I would have the correct answer and the whole stadium cheered us….We said Long Jump – Gaurav Said – New Era, its not the Long Jump, but the High Jump – Oh, there was pain and agony…..But then this happens in quizzes. Making it to the Nationals is a good achievement, but we would have definitely liked to win. On hindsight, I guess going for the buzzer was not the best decision if I was not 100 percent sure because then all 3 teams would have had a tie-breaker (The tie-breaker for Kolkata and Mumbai turned out to be a very easy one :-(, which we could have easily got. But then that’s how it is sometimes – You are lucky at time and unlucky at others – Everything balances…Apeejay Nerul, Bumbag won the Nationals and got individual Camcorders. We won Individual MP3 Players from Samsung, (Pebble Model – Quite cute they are in appearance) and got Bronze medals for finishing 3rd. All in all, a thrilling experience…even after losing out on the last question of the Quiz…

My rating of the Quiz – 8/10.