29th August 2008

TAPS FEST General Quiz at Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan

Managing around 18-20 events on a single day always becomes a difficult task, but then the TAPS Fest is always like that. The GK Quiz Prelims were held in a classroom, and we got 13 on 20. The highest was 14 – By DPS Dwarka. We qualified easily into the finals and finally finished 3rd (After 4 tie-breaker questions with DPS Dwarka). Obviously, needless to mention, the host school won the Quiz 😉

My Rating of this Quiz – 4/10.

5th September 2008

Ozone Science Quiz

Held at the Indian Social Institute, this Quiz is organized every year by the Ozone Cell. I had come 2nd in this Quiz when I was in Class 8. But this year the Quiz had changed its venue, and I believe the paper-setters also. It’s a one-stage quiz (20 Multiple Choice Qns on Ozone Science). It was an extremely boring and absurd question paper, and I must have managed to get around 10-12 correct. There was negative marking too. Anyways, Pranav Kumar from our school came 1st in the Quiz. He has been taking part in this Quiz from many years now and is an expert at Ozone Sciences and all environmental issues.

6th September 2008

Times NIE Quiz Wizard – Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar

We came 2nd in this Quiz in 2006 (Sahil and I). This time, my partner was Deepesh from Class XII. This Quiz is organized by Times NIE and Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar. Mostly schools from West Delhi take part in this Quiz. The Prelims were conducted through a “High-Tech Self Assessment System”, where in the Question was shown on the screen (EduComp) and we had to press the correct option number on our remotes. Yes, they had given remotes to each school! 30 Qns in the prelims – And we got around 16 of them correct. There were around 15-16 schools in all. We qualified for the finals. And easily won this one. We got a bouquet of flowers!!!!, A trophy for the school, and a Pair of Binoculars each (Made in Russia)…..Well yes strange but true!

8th and 9th September 2008

Dynamix Fest – Ramjas RK Puram

We participated in the Quiz and Crossword here. Day 1 had the Quiz and Crossword Prelims. Quiz Prelims were quite easy. And we managed to solve quite a lot in the Crossword also. The Crossword clues were absolutely cryptic and it was fun to solve them…Some real tough ones had left our grey cells tickling!
Day 2 – The Finals of the Quiz and Crossword. Dynamix has had some really good students in its clan, amongst them Roshan Shariff, Uma Damle (Now at NIFT Bangalore) and Prashanth Khanduri (These are the only ones I know). This fest is organized totally by students, with the teacher announcing there that – “Not even an iota of help was given by the teachers to the students”. But then the students messed it up….Bigtime! The Quiz finals were absolutely crap, the less said about them the better. Though the Crossword Finals were good, actually both these events were “fixed” beforehand. And this fact is quite well known now and I am sure about it. This was not quite needed. And it was extremely irritating – This team (Sanchia Khurana Harsh Dalal) from New Green Fields school got a perfect score in the Crossword Finals and knew almost each answer in the Quiz Finals. We came 3rd in the Crossword and were just “Finalists” in the Quiz. Results and Solutions of the Dynamix 2008 Fest can be seen here.

My rating of the Quiz – 3/10.

And for the Crossword – 5/10.