15th September 2008

Hindustan Times Inquizitive 2008 – Sirifort Auditorium

This was my 3rd time at the Quiz and the first ever time I qualified for the finals. One of the best and biggest inter-school Quizzes in Delhi, this one is special because it is conducted by Siddhartha Basu (Though the research and preparation is done by his team the “Tree of Knowledge”). Tripathi Sir accompanied us in an auto. 6 teams make it to the finals after a Written Preliminary Round. The questions are mostly easy, but because of the large number of teams involved, the cut-offs are quite high and many teams are eliminated due to the “(*) starred questions. Deepesh and I had prepared a lot during the last 2 days, mostly Current Affairs and from some random quiz books. The venue had changed this time, from Talkatora Stadium to Sirifort as Talkatora is currently under renovation for the Commonwealth Games. Though Talkatora is a much better venue,  I was happy that it was being held at Sirifort this time – Might just prove to be lucky for us (Quite a lot of happy memories at Sirifort). And it did. We not only qualified for the finals, but also came 2nd – Losing out to Vivekananda School on the tie-breaker….There were around 8-9 Rounds in the Finals – Headlines, Camouflage, Direct Questions, Audio, Video, True/False Propositions, All or Nothing. They had some of their familiar/trademark round and a new one called Camouflage – Where we had to find the answer out from many letters in 30 seconds after a clue (Like Mud Pit to Medal – Was Sushil Kumar. We managed to give some really good answers..Including 3 Dry questions in a row. We had pretty much led throughout the Quiz – closely followed by other schools….but messed it up in the All or Nothing Round where Vivekananda scored 30 Points. As usual, for the nth time this season, it all boiled down to a tie-breaker…But it was a satisfying experience. Having made it to the top 6 finally and then coming 2nd felt good. It’s not everyday that you come 2nd in a Sid Basu Quiz………. 🙂 We won iPods and Backpacks for ourselves – Which they still have not sent us. They did not even mention which iPod they are talking about – I just hope it’s not Shuffle! It turned out to be a memorable day. You can read more about the Quiz here.