28th August 2008

Mount Saint Mary’s – Matrix Ecomm-Buzz Fest

Crossword and Symposium

My third time at this fest (Jointly organized by their Computer and Economics Clubs), we participated in the Symposium and Crossword.

The Symposium (For which, Vaibhav and I had worked really hard) turned out to be a disaster for us. The topic we had chosen was – Use of Computers as Decision-Makers in Sports. Vaibhav was our Visual Aid Supporter, and I was the speaker. Rohit was the interjector for our team (He was told about it a day before, as usual). They had selected around 10-12 “Best” Presentations and called up the schools. (I believe they did not get more CD’s than that!). I exceeded the limit of 2 Minutes 30 seconds by around 2 more minutes. And Vaibhav also messed it up a bit during the synchronization. Though our presentation was good, I am not quite the best of speakers. Someone from the debating team would have been a better option. But this was a learning experience and definitely I can work upon the weaknesses and mistakes we did to improve ourselves. Also a suggestion for the Matrix-Ecomm Buzz Clan – Try having only 1 or maybe 2 Topics for the Symposium rather than having 6. Judging the content of 6 different topics becomes a difficult task and it’s not a level-playing field then.

In the Crossword, we surprisingly came 2nd. Montfort School came 1st. Our score was 9 and the highest was 9. The Crossword did not have any cryptic clues, and was like a quiz-of-sorts. Again, there were some good questions and some absurd ones. But it was nice to be 2nd. We just got Individual Trophies and our certificates have not been sent to us yet! The results of the fest can be seen here.

My Rating for the Crossword – 5/10