17th August 2008

Encomium 2008 Fest – Enigma General Quiz at Jamia Milia Islamia

On 17th August 2008, I went alongwith Sahil Kalra (now in 2nd Year Computer Engg. at NSIT) for the Enigma General Quiz as part of the Encomium 2008 Fest at Jamia Milia Islamia (Yes, the name which Delhiites fear nowadays). This Quiz was on a Sunday and I had a Political Science weekly test, just the next day. Sahil had already told me in advance that we would be going for this one – He had won the same quiz in 2007. This Quiz, though mainly for college students is open to school students as well. We went by DTC and reached Jamia in almost 1.5 hours, due to the huge traffic jams at Naraina etc. Totally exhausted standing for this much time in the bus, we were happy to finally reach the venue. Sahil’s friends, were already there solving Sudoku (There was a competition for that 2). Sahil helped them solve that and meanwhile I was seeing the debate which was taking place (Topic – Nuclear Deal) – Many college students had come to participate in the fest and there were loads of events for everyone. The Quiz Prelims, has 20 questions, and it was an easy set (with some weird and some good qns). We managed to get 14. 6 Teams qualified for the finals – 2 were from NSIT, 1 from BVCOE, 1 from Jamia Milia itself, and 2 mixed – Ours from NSIT/NEPS and Harish Alagappa’s team (Winner of the NIE Fun-da-mental Quiz 2005) – He is doing Aerospace Engg. From Amity University now. The Finals had around 6 rounds – Sahil and I managed to give some brilliant answers, but even that was not enough. Jamia Milia, came 1st -Most probably, it was rigged 😦 – It happens quite a lot on the college circuit, but this was quite disappointing. We finished 5th – But then the good part was even amongst so many college teams, we qualified and did well in the Finals. 4th, 5th, and 6th positions were closely fought. And so were the 2nd and 3rd. Thanks to Sahil for taking me as a partner in this Quiz!

My rating of the Quiz – 5.5/10