Therez a lot to blog abt…..But First Things First.

I am officially Class X Pass now, unless ofcourse CBSE decides not to give me my marksheet/certificate of passing. The Results came out yesterday at 8:00 AM and I am pretty happy with them though I cud definitely have done better. Overall Aggregate Percentage stands at 89.4% (Just 3 marks short of 90!).

Breakup – Maths (96), SST (95), Science (87), English (86), Hindi (83). Quite a lot of unexpected marks there……Expected more in English, Less in Hindi. Anyways, its done with and over now. The overall results of my school and class have been phenomenal. Highest being a staggering 96.6 percent and some of my friends scoring between 93 and 95. Quite Liberal checking this time, I wud say. Lots of 100s in Maths, though i missed out on that 2. TOI tells me 7 students scored 100 in English all over India…..Now thats something….Phew! Anyways, I applied to DPS RKP in the evening (Online Registration for admission), just for fun though – I am in now ways interested to join it. I wud apply to DPS VK definitely and some other schools too. But as for now, the IPL enters is Knock-out stages….So lemme enjoy the cricket….

Signing off,