1. This company, headquartered in California was founded was founded in 1988 by Israeli-born Dr. Eli Harari and Indian-born Sanjay Mehrotra. It became a publicly traded company on NASDAQ in November 1995. Which company?
  2. Who was the first person to fly solo nonstop around the world in a balloon? (He succeeded on his sixth attempt)
  3. India accounts for almost 92 percent of the nations’s total trade. There is no western MNC present in the country. MTV and WWF are also banned. This country measures its wealth in terms of the happiness of its people, as Gross National Happiness as opposed to the Gross National Product. It has an impressive growth rate of 9 percent fuelled by its hydropower-driven economy. Which country?
  4. Born Mahesh Prasad Verma, he graduated with a degree in Physics from Allahabad University. In October 1975 he was pictured on the front cover of the Time Magazine. From 1990, he coordinated his global activities from his residence in Vlodrop, the Netherlands. Name him.
  5. This word, derives its origin (Italian) from the name of a character in Federico Fellini’s film La Dolce Vita. Which word?
  6. This is the satellite image of what? (I am looking for a specific answer)

7. He is the current President of which country?

8. Put funda and tell me the significance.

9. These are stamps of which country?

10. In which Indian city would you find these/Or simply name the structure(s). They were partially damaged in an earthquake.

Answers in some days.