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  1. A visual to start with. Identify them.

Question 1

  1. This is the flag of ___________. Simply fill in the blanks

Question 2

  1. Identify through the clues given.

· Launched on April 30, 1948, at the Amsterdam Motor Show

· Was designed by the Wilks Brothers

· Owners have included – British Leyland, British Aerospace and BMW.

  1. Each X is believed to be the reincarnation of the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, reappearing in a child when the incumbent X dies. Identify X.
  1. This Indian cricketer made his debut in 1996. Trailing by 21 runs, India were staring at defeat when they slumped to 124 for 7 with only the debutant and the tail for company. But he scratched out a vital 51 and stitched together an invaluable 56-run stand with Anil Kumble. The partnership allowed India to set a target of 170 and then Srinath with figures of 6-21 won the match for India. Who is this Indian cricketer?
  1. Simply identify the statue or tell me it is a tribute to whom?

Question 6

  1. In 1936, __________, Secretary General of the Organising Committee of the Games of the XI Olympiad in Berlin, proposed the inclusion of a torch relay in the programme of the Olympics. The flame was lit in Olympia and transported to Berlin via a torch relay. Simply fill in the blanks. (Ofcourse, the name has been blanked out in the visual clue)

Question 7

  1. Logo of which company?

Question 8

  1. Which Indian movie?

Question 9
  1. He is the creator of what?

Question 10

Answers soon. I suppose Google won’t be of much help in this quiz (As it has been in the previous 2 editions). Bonus of 5 points to anyone scoring a perfect 10 in this quiz.

Happy Quizzing!