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1. It was founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922, changing to SS Cars Ltd in 1934, and finally becoming ___________ in 1945. Simply fill in the blanks.

(Clue – Think Recent!)

2. A sitter – What is the name of Steve Wozniak’s autobiography? (Which I am currently reading)

3. Olympia and Godrej are the only two remaining companies which manufacture and sell this product. Which product?

4. Simply Connect the two pics.



5. Last question for 2day – In 1982, X formed a company – Mukta Arts Private Limited. X is presently the Chairman and Managing Director of this company. In 2006, X also set up his own state of the art film institute Whistling Woods International in Bombay. Identify X.

Thats all for Quiz#1. Looking forward to a great response.